I wanted to have a section on this site which is dedicated entirely to sign-posting to the individuals, organisations, books, movies and so on, that have been helpful to me during this journey. Some of which took me months or even years to find, and all of which I believe everyone – particularly those impacted by young onset dementia – should be aware of.

Dementia Handbook for Carers (West Berks NHS)

The day Dad received his diagnosis, I was given this ‘handbook’ and sat on the train home that evening, overwhelmed by information. It was all so clinical.

Whilst I am sure it was useful to some, for me at that time, it didn’t seem to address the specific needs and support for those like Dad and myself. It also had just pages and pages of names of companies and their phone numbers, most of which I’d either never heard of at that time and/or no idea how they were supposed to help. It honestly just compounded the feeling that we were alone in this and just had to figure it out ourselves.

I hope you find this useful and of course, if you have any questions or other suggestions, just get in touch.

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