Diary: 27th April 2018

I’ve noticed myself saying “remember?” significantly more to Dad in the last few weeks and months;

remember that …

do you remember when..?

we spoke about this, don’t you remember” etc… 

I need to stop this. Immediately.

I’m not even saying it consciously or with stress , malice or frustration.. it’s completely with love and trying to understand and drive conversations forward. His memory is getting worse; short term details will be often be forever lost. 

Asking if he remembers, is like asking a deaf person if they heard what someone said. It’s cruel, confusing and insensitive. No, he doesn’t remember – idiot (me).

Sounds stupid but maybe I’ve just wanted him to remember but it’s not fair anymore. 
Solutions are needed. iPad is one, notes are others… I guess that’s a step forward. But what else could help?

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