This officially started in the analogue world on 16th March 2018. The day I started writing a diary about our journey; Dad’s and mine. It’s just us, and together we’ve had to figure out how to navigate this journey – one that frankly, no one ever wishes to take. 

I never really knew why I wanted to start writing it all down – you’ll quickly discover, I’m no writer – but as I sat on the tube home from work or a(nother) doctor’s appointment, I would download everything into the notes of my iPhone. Sometimes it was the only way to cope (or control) what was uncontrollable. 

I was 28 when I became primary carer and power of attorney to Dad, who was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s, called Posterior Cortical Atrophy at the age of 61. More than two years later, Dementia is just part of day to day life. Something you adjust to and learn more about every single day. 

But let’s be clear; it’s not easy. There have been days with uncontrollable tears and heartbreak but there have been days of joy and feelings of achievement too. 

My personality led me to obsessively learning as much as I physically could handle and have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people, who have provided support and direction to me that I feel now I could perhaps pass along. 

I know the confusion, the fear and the isolation. I know how it feels to believe no one can truly know what you’re going through and that’s why I wanted to put some of my diaries out; in the small, vain hope, it may help someone not feel so alone.  Please bear with me as I gradually update the site with the chapters of our story in the coming weeks and months.

I learnt quite quickly that being a young professional, who’s in their twenties and thirties, also looking after a parent with young onset dementia, makes me a slight anomaly but I know I’m not the only one out there – this is why I’m launching the TYFD Network.

I hope that this site will bring some small level of comfort or support, no matter the stage of your journey. 

If you want to reach out and connect, I’d love to hear from you.

With love and hope, 

Lara x